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Safe and Sound

Featured Video

Video: Parental Controls

Video: Parental Controls

How can you keep your kids safe with so much out there? Find out how one family uses Cox's parental controls and Cox Security Suite to help.

Featured Articles

A Secure Call for Help

Cox Digital Telephone - e911

Cox Digital Telephone remains a trusted asset in times of trouble.

Password Strength

The Importance of Password Strength

Your online accounts, computer files and personal information are more secure when you use strong passwords to help protect them. Find out how you can create a strong password and test its password strength to make sure you’re protecting your personal and work info.

Wireless Security

WPA vs WEP: Which Provides the Best Security?

It's important to secure your wireless network. Discover the key features and differences between WiFi Protected Access (WPA and WPA2) and Wireless Equivalent Privacy (WEP), and get a recommendation on which you should use.

Stop Spam with Internet Tools

Stop Spam with Internet Tools

Worse than just an annoyance, spam can be offensive and it may contain malware (malicious software) or links to harmful software. The good news is Anti-Spam protection is always provided via the email servers. Learn to manage your anti-spam settings with Cox Internet Tools.

Pirated Content

The Cost of Pirated Content

Instead of taking part in an activity that could harm your computer and possibly get you in trouble with the law, consider the many legal alternatives to getting the movies and TV programs you want.

More Articles & Videos

Vid: Staying Safe Online

Vid: Staying Safe Online

Protect your family's online experience with these videos: "Stay Safe Online", "Security Software" and "Suspect a Virus?

Online Experience Safe and Sec

Keep Your Online Experience Safe and Secure

Cox provides you with Internet security options to put you in control and give you peace of mind.

Safeguard from Phishing

Safeguard Your Family from Phishing

Protect your home computer setup from phishing and online scams.

Fighting Against the Zombie PC

Fighting Back Against the Zombie PC

Keep your computer from turning into a Zombie PC.

Protect Your Family Online

Protect Your Family’s Online Experience

See what Cox is doing to keep you and your family safe online.

Home WiFi

Can Home WiFi Ever Be Secure?

Keep your wireless connection safe with some simple precautions.

Home Network Security

Secure Your Home Network

A home wireless network can be vulnerable. Keep it safe with the Home Network Security Check.

Secure Your Web Browser

Keeping Your Web Browser Secure

Choose the right web browser for you and your computer equipment.

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Take Charge!

Encourage kids to explore the internet by Taking Charge! and ensuring safe surfing.

Cox Security Suite Plus

Keep your computer safe – activate Cox Security Suite Plus, powered by McAfee®.


Find out how Cox is helping out in your community.

Internet Tools

We put you in charge of your Internet service. Change your password, manage Spam Blocker, add email accounts and more.

Phone Tools

Phone Tools lets you manage your voice mail and call features even when you're not at home.