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Streaming for Fun

Get the latest movies and TV online

Streaming movies and TV online

Is the shelving on your DVD/Blu-ray case starting to buckle from the weight? Have you run out of space to store your movie and TV collections… unless you clear part of the pantry? If anything, are you now questioning why you bought so many DVD and Blu-ray titles in the first place? Other than the kids’ titles, how many have you watched more than once?


If you’re looking to free up room in your house and save a few bucks, you may want to consider streaming new and favorite movies and TV shows online. Streaming is watching a video (or live broadcast) or listening to music online. There is no downloading involved, just a continuous stream of content. Several excellent streaming services are available, including those from Cox. Enjoy excellent picture quality without the lag with your Cox High Speed Internet connection.

Devices that Support Streaming

You can, of course, stream movies, TV shows and music using your computer or laptop, but did you know those aren’t your only streaming options? You can also stream movies and programs through game consoles, some regular and Internet-connected TVs and, depending on the streaming service, cellphones, smartphones and tablets.

What Cox Offers

Cox offers a number of excellent streaming services for movies, music and live sports—all supported by our award-winning High Speed Internet service. Here’s a rundown:

  • TV Online
    Now you can watch hit shows from networks like ABC, NBC, Fox and more with TV Online from Cox. If you are a Cox Advanced TV subscriber, simply sign in to My Connection and get the latest shows the day after they air. It's TV on your schedule - anywhere, anywhen!
  • HBO  GO and MAX GO
    If you are an HBO or Cinemax subscriber, you can also watch hit movies and series online with Cox TV Online.
  • Cox Movie Pak
    If you’re a Cox Movie Pak subscriber, you can watch and stream movies with and Both online services offer hundreds of recent releases and old favorites that can be enjoyed anytime you want from any broadband connection. With the service, you can invite up to four friends to watch the movie with you from their own computers.
    Go to to stream live coverage of all your favorite sports. Get up to 3,500 games a year and watch up to five live streams at once. Catch the big game from almost anywhere with remote access.

Top Streaming Stes

In addition to the exceptional streaming services from Cox, there are many other great streaming sites that offer movies, live sports, TV and music. Here’s a list of some of the more popular ones:

  • Netflix
    Netflix offers both on-demand video streaming and DVD and Blu-ray rentals. Netflix provides a "watch instantly" feature, which streams television shows and movies directly to all of your electronic devices.
  • Apple TV
    Apple’s TV service streams HD movies and TV programs directly to your HD TV, as long as you have the proper connections in place, of course. Apple also offers Netflix.
  • Hulu
    Hulu streams current programming from most major networks and some older TV series that are no longer on the air. They also have a large movie library and offer sports events and programming, too.

For more information on streaming content from Cox, sign in to My Connection.

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