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Maximizing Your Cox High Speed Internet

Maximizing Your Cox High Speed Internet

What is Speed?

Simply put, speed is how much capacity your connection provides - the greater the capacity, the less congestion and faster the speed. It’s like driving on a highway with more lanes.

Want to know why we’re so excited about increasing our speeds on our most popular packages? Take a moment and read what 50 Mbps can do:

  • Download 5 MP3 songs in 3 seconds
  • Upload 30 vacation photos in 20 seconds
  • Upload a video clip up to 35 MB in less than 30 seconds
  • Download a full length movie in about 2 minutes

In addition to saving time, you’ll be able to stream videos and music without interruption, game faster and power more devices on your in-home WiFi. With the fastest Internet provider in town, you’ve got the speed you need to get things done.

Based on your usage needs, the Cox Speed Advisor can help you find your ideal speed.

Package        Speed                   Usage
Starter        Up to 5 Mbps        Light surfing
Essential     Up to 15 Mbps       Email and web surfing
Preferred    Up to 50 Mbps     Music, photos, banking and shopping
Premier      Up to 100 Mbps     Gaming, movies and video
Ultimate     Up to 150 Mbps   Multiple connections and gaming

Speed and Equipment

What you do online is not the lone factor affecting your Internet speed. Your wireless connection and your equipment can also impact your online experience.

Going Wireless: In-Home WiFi

With in-home WiFi, take your laptop, tablet or smartphone anywhere in your home and continue to stream movies, videos, music and more. You won’t miss a scene or a note. And you can save money because you won’t be using any of your smartphone data allowance. Some other great benefits with in-home WiFi:

  • Share your Internet connection - Multiple users in your household can access the Internet at once and share photos, music, or important files.
  • Connect anywhere in the home - Break free from the wires and connect wirelessly while on the couch, by the pool or almost anywhere in your home.
  • Home Network Manager - Monitor and manage your devices on your in-home WiFi more easily with free software included with Cox purchased or rented WiFi modems.
  • Save Money - Pay for only one Internet connection. Also, share one printer – no need to buy one for each device in your home.

Making Your In-Home WiFi as Seamless as Your Connection

Ensure your in-home WiFi operates at peak performance. These tips can help you get the most out of your wireless connection:

  • Use WPA2-PKS to ensure your network is safe and free from unwelcome users that can slow down your connection.
  • Enable Cox Security Suite so your Internet usage is protected.
  • Choose a WiFi modem or router with dual band capability to provide more bandwidth for multiple users.
  • Install your WiFi modem in a centralized location to maximize wireless coverage for all your devices. Placing it in an elevated location also may improve coverage.

Picking the Right Equipment

The latest equipment helps you get the most from your online experience. Cox requires using a DOCSIS 3.0 modem on Preferred and higher and recommends it overall because it best supports the faster speeds.

See Cox-compatible devices

Cox wants to equip you with the right devices, technology and know-how to achieve the best online experience. Know more, do more.

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