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Data Usage

What is a Gig?

What is a Gig?

A gigabyte, or "gig," is one of the standard units to quantify data. It is represented by the symbol GB and consists of one billion bytes. Like other providers, we calculate your monthly usage based on the number of gigabytes used.

The more bandwidth available, the faster your data moves.

How Big is a Gig?

A gig is roughly 1,000 times larger than a Megabyte (Mbps). With one gigabyte you could, on average, do the following:

  • Download 100,000 emails
  • Play over 500 hours of online poker
  • Download about 250 songs
  • View 200 3-minute videos
  • Watch five 45-minute TV shows
  • Stream over 30 hours of radio
  • Stream nearly 2 hours of standard definition TV

If you select our 250GB package, here's an example of all you can do with your data plan in a given month:

  • Watch 45 2-hour HD movies
  • Watch 40 30-minute standard definition TV shows
  • Watch 120 3-minute videos
  • Surf the web for 400 hours
  • Listen to 9,000 4-minute songs