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Data Usage

All About Data Usage

All About Data Usage





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Defining Data Usage

According to a study by the NPD Group, homes in the U.S. now have more than half a billion devices connected to the Internet. The average household maintains six connected devices using data for social networking, streaming video or music, gaming, web surfing, emailing, uploading photos or video chatting.

All this consumes bandwidth, or data usage, which is defined as the total amount of data transferred between your device and the Internet, whether receiving, sending or downloading content. This could be making a change to a file and saving it, watching a video, taking a picture or using your smartphone to find your location. You also could be leaking data. Viruses, spyware, malware or an open WiFi network can drain your data.

What could you do in a month with the 250GB of data that Cox's Preferred Tier delivers? You could watch 35 2-hour movies in High Definition, 80 half-hour standard-definition TV shows and 400 3-minute videos; surf the web for 400 hours and listen to 9,000 4-minute songs. Very few customers - roughly 2-5% - exceed their data plans in a given month.

With streamed video, households watch in a variety of ways: desktop computer (55%), laptop computer (54%), standard TV with Internet-connected streaming video player (31%), Apple iPad (30%), Apple iPhone (23%) or other smartphone, tablet or Internet-connected TV (19%). 


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