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Data Usage

Tips and Tools

Tips and Tools

To help you monitor and understand your household's data usage, we offer some educational tips and helpful tools.  

Getting the Most from Your Service

No matter how you spend time online, follow these tips to optimize your usage and maximize your monthly investment:

Save on Mobile. Switch to Home WiFi: Rather than rely on your mobile data plan at home, switch your devices to your Cox In-Home WiFi.  You'll get all the benefits of your in-home WiFi while preserving your mobile data for later. How to connect

Minimize multi-tasking: Disconnect from streaming services when not in use. Close programs when finished. Running several programs at once can cause slowdowns.

Check your equipment: Is it up-to-date and virus free? If you notice a sharp increase in usage but there hasn't been a notable change in your family's Internet use, then your computer might have a virus that allows others to use your computer. With our free Cox Security Suite, you can regularly scan to make sure your devices are free from viruses or spyware. The security service also allows you to check if your software is up-to-date.  

Secure your home network: Others could be using your data without your knowledge, Ensure your Wireless Home Network is secure with Cox Home Network Service.

Choose medium-quality photos: When emailing, smaller photos use less data. Take advantage of tools that allow you to compress or resize photos.

Be aware: Know how others in your home use the Internet connection. And know that all devices connected to the Internet use data - from your computer, iPad and smartphone to your TV and stereo. Also, your computer may be sending or receiving data even if you are not actively using your Internet service. For example, your computer could be automatically downloading operating system updates, security software updates, and application updates like iTunes, games, etc. If you use a cloud-based storage service and have configured that service for automatic uploads to back up files, this will also add to your data usage.

Take advantage of available tools: As a Cox Communications customer, you have access to the Data Usage CalculatorData Usage Meter and more to help you manage your plan. 

Data Usage Meter

The Data Usage Meter is available to all Cox High Speed Internet customers and provides an easy way to check total monthly household High Speed Internet data usage at any time.

Located in a secure area of the website, the Data Usage Meter must be accessed via login with your User ID and Password. If you don't yet have a User ID, please visit our Account Registration and Preferences article to learn how.

Data Alerts

As a Cox Communications customer, you will receive email alerts to keep you informed about your data usage. If you exceed your plan, Cox will attempt to notify you by email or other methods.