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Data Plan & Usage

Data Plan & Usage support

Get support for your Cox High Speed Internet data plan

Find answers and get support for questions regarding data usage and how to get the most out of your service.

Understanding Usage

Understanding Usage

Find out what a "Gig" can do

Your data usage is based on your online activity, not time. Learn more about data plans and how usage is measured.

Data Usage Meter

Access your Data Usage Meter

Access your Data Usage Meter

Sign in to monitor how much data your household is using at any time. It is that easy.

Data Usage Calculator

Data Usage Calculator

Estimate your household's monthly Internet usage

Use this tool to help you understand how different online activities affect your monthly usage.

User Stories

Video: Parental Controls

Video: Parental Controls

How can you keep your kids safe with so much out there? Find out how one family uses Cox's parental controls and Cox Security Suite to help.