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Setting Up Contour App & TV

Setting Up Contour App & TV

Setting Up Contour App & TV

Tell Contour a little about yourself. That way, you’ll see TV that’s just for you.

You’ll be able to search less and discover more. The guide and app will put your favorite shows front and center. Each will learn what you like and recommend shows you’ll love.

But after downloading the app, you’ll need to set up a user profile. It’s easy and takes less time than a commercial break.

Downloading Contour

Download & Sign In


  • Subscription to Cox Advanced TV Essential or higher and Cox High Speed Internet Essential  or higher
    Content from TV Everywhere apps are available outside the home.

Benefits of a Personalized Profile

TV has always been about entertainment - with ContourSM, it's about YOUR entertainment.  It allows you to watch TV in your preferred space at your preferred time, watch the shows that are either on now, On DEMAND or stored in your personal playlist.

But Contour needs to know who’s who.

By setting up a personalized profile, you’ll get recommendations tailored to your tastes. As will any family member with a profile. It’s simple - sign in, navigate to a profile and enjoy personalized content.

Once you’ve set up a profile, get ready for the personalized experience.

  • Choose the way you want to view TV listings — set for grid, list, favorite channels, HD only or more. 
  • Receive personalized recommendations based on your viewing history, like & dislikes. Discover new shows you’re likely to love. 
  • Watch your favorite shows at home on your tablet with the Contour  app
  • Enjoy live TV (on the app) – the place to watch over 130 popular national cable television channels. Sign in with your user profile to see the channels/programs that are recommended for you
  • Browse My Library (on the app). It’s the place to find:
       - My videos – VOD in window (not transactional)
       - My apps – any channel apps, Cox apps and social apps

Creating a personalized user profile allows you to:

  1. Choose favorite shows.
  2. Control guide views
  3. Set parental controls

How To Add a New User

Contour on Your TV: 

  • Select ’Settings‘ from the menu.
  • Select ’Users’ from the Settings Menu. Highlight ‘Add New User.’
  • Press ’Select’ to reveal an on-screen keyboard. Use the keyboard to enter a user name—any combination of letters or numbers up to eight characters long.
  • Press ’B‘ to continue.
  • Highlight a picture.
  • Select to confirm. The only change will be the appearance of a black dot (•) next to the highlighted picture for your personal User ID.
  • Press ‘B’ to add User. You will automatically return to the Users menu in the center card.
  • Return to the Settings Menu - OR - Return to live TV.

Contour App:
Note: If you already set up Users within the Contour guide on your TV, the app will recognize them and link the User Profile to the app.

// Open the Contour app
// Select ‘Settings’ in the top bar
// Select ‘Other Profiles’
// And then select ‘Create Profile’

“How-To” instructions for setting up user profiles. 

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