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Benefits of a Cox User ID

Benefits of a Cox User ID

How a Cox User ID can work for you

It's been a long day on the road. Work's done. You're settling in for the evening when you realize you missed last night's music competition episode. Not to worry. You can still enjoy it online.

With your Cox User ID and Password and a few clicks, you can catch up on episodes of favorite shows or watch live news and sports anytime and anywhere.

But that’s not the only advantage available when you create a User ID and Password. The benefits abound. Not only can you watch up to 90 channels of live TV on your tablet or iPhone, but you can also manage your account, pay bills online, access webmail, even check voice messages and set your DVR remotely.

Register with

Establishing your Cox User ID is an easy two-step process - confirmation and creation.

Step 1: Confirmation

To confirm your account, visit the Home Page and click the Register button located at the top of the page.

In the Confirm your Cox Services section, fill in the following five fields:

  • 16-digit Account Number
  • 4-digit Cox Pin (or last 4-digits of your SSN)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Code letters in the box under Last Name

Click Continue

Step 2: Creation

In the Create your Cox User ID section, fill out the following four fields:

  • User ID
  • New Password / Re-enter New Password
  • Secret Answer to your selected Secret Question / Re-enter Secret Answer
  • Preferred Email / Re-enter Preferred Email

NOTE: An incorrect or invalid email address may prevent you from receiving important notices, or completing the online bill payment process.

Review the Privacy Policy, and then click Submit.

With your Cox ID, visit the home page and click on the Sign In button located at the top of the page to access all the great online features Cox offers.

Cox User ID Benefits


  • View up to 18 months of bills online
  • Make a one-time payment via multiple methods: credit card, debit card or electronic check
  • Manage Account Holder security parameters such as password, PIN, secret question/answer, marketing email options and if you want to display your PIN on the bill
  • Create and manage up to nine additional users - a total of 10 identities

PHONE (Sign in to Phone Tools)
Phone Tools is an exciting feature available to Cox Digital Telephone® customers for no extra charge. Its benefits allow you to:

  • Activate Readable Voice Mail to transcribe and forward home messages to any email address
  • Play and save Voice Mail messages securely from any web-enabled computer so you're never out of touch
  • Access your stored Voice Mail and listen to messages at any time
  • Enjoy feature control so you can turn on or off Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Do Not Disturb
  • Reset your Voice Mail password
  • Check your call history


  • TV Connect - Watch live TV from up to 90 popular channels anywhere in your home using your iPhone or tablet. 
  • TV Online - Enjoy hit TV shows and movies anytime, all from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.
  • Cox Mobile Connect - Control and manage your home phone calls, view TV listings, view and pay your bill, locate a Cox Solution Store and more. You can also visit to schedule recordings online.
  • Mobile Apps - Get access to great programming online and on the go, including WatchESPN, WatchDisney, TNT, TBS, CNN, HBO Go and many more.


INTERNET (Sign in to Internet Tools)
With Cox High Speed Internet, you get blazing fast searching, streaming and sharing. You also get access to a world of perks:

  • Cox Email - Up to 10 email addresses - enough for everyone in the family
  • Cox Security Suite Plus - Powered by McAfee®, anti-virus suite that makes your online experience worry free
  • Cox Secure Online Backup - Cloud storage to safely store and access your files, photos and documents anywhere, anytime
  • Cox Secure Browsing - Prevents theft and misuse of your personal information every time you shop, bank or communicate online
  • Cox Toolbar - For quick one-click access to your favorite Cox services
  • Music Choice - Web portal offering music channels and videos, including My Music Choice where you can create your own online music channels, video channels and music video playlists
  • Home Networking Security Check - Tool providing an easy way to ensure your wireless connection remains secure
  • Cox Home Network Manager - Tool to manage your Cox Broadband Gateway
  • Spam Blocking - Anti-spam service to further combat unwanted junk email


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