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Diversity at Cox

Reaching our communities, connecting our cultures.

Diversity at Cox

At Cox, our focus is on connecting with people. Our goal is to make all of our connections—especially within the communites we serve—long and broad-based. That's what diversity means to us: reaching out to all people with whom we connect and involving them in our business, our culture, and our daily lives.

Our Diversity is our Strength

Cox is actively following a strategy designed to incorporate diversity into each of the community relationships we've developed.

Our people-oriented diversity programs are broadening our recruiting and hiring processes, as well as helping us to include more employees and more perspectives into our daily business operations all over the country.

Incorporating community and public relations into our diversity strategy means ensuring that we're supporting all parts of the community. An example of how we do this is by contributing over $50 million in cash and in-kind services to the schools where we operate—because when we support our schools, the entire community benefits.

New vendor and supplier initiatives are helping Cox better measure our mutli-cultural spending, and we've set higher goals for developing new ways to find and connect with qualified minority suppliers in towns and cities from San Diego to Providence.