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The facts

Cable’s broadband infrastructure has a great future in store. Cox Communications – and most cable providers -- are currently using the DOCSIS 1.1 standard for high-speed Internet, which is technically capable of offering blazing download speeds up to over 30 Mbps per channel. DOCSIS is an evolving technology, and Cox plans to implement future versions on its network to meet even higher speed demands and enable robust features.

How does this compare to DSL? DSL technology is still delivered over the old copper, twisted-pair wiring used for plain old telephone service. DSL was created to squeeze more speed and capacity out of this existing wiring system, which was designed for low-speed, low-capacity voice communications. Much of this wiring may have been installed decades ago. Our cable network can deliver high-speed, high-capacity video, voice and Internet services to homes and businesses without relying on the local telephone network.

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