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Which is a Better Choice, Cable or Satellite TV?
You may very well be unclear about which service makes the most sense for your home. It’s no wonder! While clever marketing campaigns make satellite seem like the best choice for entertainment, there are some things consumers should know. Following are some of the biggest misconceptions, inaccuracies and old wives tales clouding the TV picture. With this information, Cox Communications aims to clear up the static.

Top 10 Satellite Myths
Myth #1: “You get significantly more programming choices with satellite TV than with digital cable.”
Myth #2: “Satellite TV offers a better HD channel lineup.”
Myth #3: “Satellite TV offers more for the sports fan.”
Myth #4: “Satellite TV is less expensive than cable.”
Myth #5: “I can get the same video-on-demand service from satellite TV that I get from Cox.”
Myth #6: “Cable companies raise prices more than satellite TV companies.”
Myth #7: “Satellite beats cable on reliability and picture quality.”
Myth #8: “You can get local weather on the 24-hour weather channel with satellite TV.”
Myth #9: “It's easy to install a satellite dish and all of the related equipment.”
Myth #10: “Satellite TV is a one-stop shop for entertainment and communications services.”

While satellite companies want you to believe their service is the best, most reliable way to get entertainment and communications, smart consumers know it's all a bunch of hype. With a clear picture of the landscape, you can see that digital cable is a sharper choice and Cox is your true trusted provider of communications and entertainment services.

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