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TV Support

From your employees to your customers, getting the most from Digital Television is a key to your business – and we're here to help. Just pick the category that describes your problem, and we'll guide you through it – step-by-step.

How To

Top Articles

  1. Connect Cable Box to HDTV Learn how to connect an HDTV to a Cox cable box using various HD video and audio cable options during first time setup.
  2. Using Parental Controls Parental Controls allow you to block programs by channel, rating, or time of day.


Top Articles

  1. Quick Fixes for TV Picture Problems Black screen, blue screen, snow or tiling? Learn quick troubleshooting steps for your TV picture problem.
  2. Quick Fixes for Audio Problems Find instructions on how to resolve common audio related problems.

Helpful Info

Top Articles

  1. Program and Operate Your Cox Remote Control Learn helpful information about programming and operating your Cox remote control.
  2. Index of Cox Cable Boxes This article contains user guides that may be used to learn how to operate and connect Cox cable boxes.

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