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Mirage Custom Remote Control Integration

Las Vegas, Nevada


In early 2007, Cox HN was approached by Mirage Hotel Operations with a project to integrate a custom remote control in conjunction with the iGuestbook application installation. The new remote control would contain “hot keys” for jumping the guest directly to the most common guest services without requiring the guest to navigate the menu systems. Twelve hot keys were identified for the new remote control.

There were several challenges facing Cox Hospitality Network and Mirage Operations in delivering this solution. Cox HN joined Mirage Operations and MGMM IT in facilitating several engineering discovery calls with the key vendors, namely TPI, who manufactures the remotes for The Mirage and SeaChange, who is the VOD vendor for Cox Hospitality Network.  The following is a non exhaustive list of the technical changes required:

  • TCM download changes. The TCM is the in-room device that controls the TV and communicates with the VOD system. The TCM’s at The Mirage were going to need a new download to support the new hot keys.
  • SeaChange Application Development. SeaChange would be required to change the Headend Application and the Metiltree Client application to support the new jump functionality within the guest navigation and to support the new hot keys. Cox Hospitlaity Network funded this development at no cost to MGMM.
  • iGuestbook navigation changes were required to support the hot keys and tab navigation. This was in addition to the Mirage iGuestbook creation that was underway between Mirage and Cox Hospitality Network.


Before installation of the Mirage iGuestbook, Cox HN provided a product demonstration for the Mirage team at the Cox HN offices. All functionality with the new remote control, the Cox Hospitality Network VOD system, and the iGuestbook had been achieved. Several enhancements were requested at that time, mostly regarding the look and feel of the existing legacy Seachange Browser application. None of the items were considered to be show stoppers so on July 12th the iGuestbook and the new Mirage remote control were deployed.

From the installation date, Cox Hospitality Network  has continued to work with vendors and internal engineering staff to deliver on the enhancements requested.  It is considered a very high priority project for Cox Hospitality Network to maximize the capabilities of the legacy systems to smooth the migration to the latest technology. 

August 1st - Cox Hospitality Network  loaded a new look and feel for the Mirage VOD system. This was to match the look and feel of the new iGuestbook, which was created in a joint collaboration between Mirage and MGMM corporate Marketing and Cox Hospitality Network .

August 27th – Cox Hospitality Network  loaded a new client side configuration, including a new browser executable from Seachange at the Mirage. These enhancements deliver on all of the enhancements requested except for one that was lower in priority. Cox Hospitality Network  continues to work with Seachange on resolving the last request.



This project is a stepping stone toward the future of the iGuestbook application for providing advanced in-room guest services through the TV Portal. Cox HN and MGMM were once again reminded that integration is difficult, especially with legacy hardware and applications. Through the joint efforts of Cox Hospitality Network , Mirage Operations, MGMM IT, and MGMM Marketing, all obstacles of a difficult integration project were able to be overcome and the resulting product is a major success that is being emulated at other MGMM properties. 

The TI iGuestbook is currently under development and is scheduled to be deployed in September.  Lessons learned from the Mirage integration have been applied and the processes have been modified accordingly.  All testing at the TI has been successful and development to date has been very smooth.  The Bellagio looks to be next in the queue.

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