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Private Line

The fiber-optic platform for fast and reliable voice, data, and video.

When you need dedicated communications between your locations, and want an alternative to the high-capacity/high-cost services offered by the incumbent phone company, Cox Private Line is the solution: point-to-point network service providing a clear, reliable, high-speed connection.

How your business can benefit...
  • A bundle of technology. Start with a SONET-based, point-to-point private line network. Add a crystal-clear, reliable high-speed connection for stand-alone or integrated voice, data, and video communications between locations. That's Cox Private Line in a technological nutshell.

  • A range of applications. Flexible, dedicated access to long distance carriers is a snap with Cox Private Line service. And it's perfect for dedicated access to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), PBX-to-PBX interconnections, and high-speed LAN interconnections for metropolitan (MAN) and wide area networking (WAN).

  • Everything’s high but the price. Cox Private Line sets the standard for high-speed, high-capacity, high-quality digital transmissions at a cost-effective price.

  • Proactive on performance. Our proactively monitored, self-healing network assures unsurpassed reliability and superior circuit quality, giving your business expanded features, greater flexibility and maximum dependability. 

  • Customize through choice. You want choices in business, and Cox Private Line service delivers. Choose among high-volume digital transmission speeds up to OC-192, giving you a customized network to connect locations via a private network for all of your stand-alone or integrated data, voice and video communications.

  • Talking technology. Let's get technical: This highly advanced, high-speed platform, with protection switching and its own fiber-optic IP backbone, gives you 99.99% network availability and a bit error rate threshold of 10-6 or better. Translation: Impressive reliability, digital-quality sound, and unbeatable security. And with protection switching requiring less than 50 milliseconds, you’ll always have quick, reliable transport services at your disposal.

  • NOC stands for business. Cox Private Line Service is a dependable, fully supported connection with 24/7 proactive monitoring provided by our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC). With locally based, responsive customer care and professional technicians, we’re more than a provider—we’re your partner.

  • The cost is effective. An alternative to the high-capacity and high-cost solutions offered by the traditional phone carriers, Cox Private Line gives you the quality and reliability your business needs with competitive pricing and discount structures to help your bottom line. It’s a cost-effective way to give your business the superior, crystal clear digital voice, data and video transmissions you need to compete successfully.

    Now that you know what Cox Private Line offers, learn about each of our packages, features and options on our features page. Or call us and find out how we can tailor a package to fit you today.

Private Line

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