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Cox Optical Internet

When you need the most, expect the best – and get it

When the Internet is mission critical to your daily operations, get a dedicated, guaranteed connection rate for uncompromising business traffic.

How your business can benefit...
  • Scalable solutions. You may have a lot of employees or you may utilize data intensive and mission critical Internet applications such as video conferencing.  Cox Optical Internet is the “big pipe” connection that knows you're running a robust business and you’ve got to get it right. You demand it, we deliver it with optical-based Internet.

  • Speed and bandwidth that never waver. Optical Internet is dedicated, symmetrical access. That means you always get the same upload and download capacity across your Internet access connection.   

  • For the IT person in you. You’re connecting to Cox’s own nationwide fiber-optic IP backbone that operates over multiple redundant 10 Gigabit connections. Our backbone is enhanced with extensive public and private peering connections with numerous other large Internet access and content providers, ensuring that you are richly connected to the entire Internet. Your local connection is provided over our highly reliable and fully redundant meshed fiber-optic metropolitan area networks (MAN) using state-of-the-art transport technologies.

  • For the non-IT person in you. We’ve got a rock-solid network designed for exactly what data-heavy users need: dependable and reliable technology that really stacks up.

  • Keep your employees productive and satisfied. Think about how much your company’s productivity can be increased or how much your Internet bandwidth needs continue to grow. Optical Internet scales to keep price and responsiveness in balance - just a call and you can dial it up. With our optical solution, we can easily keep the technology on pace with your needs.

  • Symmetrical speeds. As you’ve likely experienced when uploading and downloading large files, sending takes longer than receiving. That’s because upload speeds are usually slower than downloads. The symmetrical system you get with Cox Optical Internet consistently delivers upload and download speeds that are equally fast.

Optical Internet

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