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Cox Carrier Access Service

Dedicated local loop access service

Cox Carrier Access service is the ideal solution for secure and reliable connections to your voice and data customers. Built on our own fiber-based SONET self-healing network, Cox Carrier Access service gives you high-capacity communications that set the standard for high-speed and high-quality digital transmissions at a cost-effective price. Choose the bandwidth you need for dedicated access to your customers and they will get the dependable service they expect, and you’ll get the cost-effective prices you need to be more competitive than ever. And since we own and manage our own network, we have complete control over the level of service we provide to you, and can ensure you and your customers have an exceptional experience.

How your business can benefit...
  • More flexibility and scalability. Choose from multiple bandwidths to connect your network to your customer’s location, to provide connectivity between your POPs, or to connect you with other serving wire centers. You may also select the right interconnection bandwidth you need to meet your capacity requirements for your demand set. You’ll be sure to get the right fit every time.
  • Speed and reliability. No matter which bandwidth you choose, Cox Carrier Access service can be counted on to deliver a stable connection through our own fiber-based SONET self-healing ring network with route diversity. This high-speed platform features protection switching and its own fiber-optic network, delivering 99.99% network availability and a bit error rate threshold of 10-6 or better for impressively reliable service. And with protection switching requiring less than 50 milliseconds, you’ll always have quick, reliable transport services at your disposal.
  • Exceptional customer care. Cox Carrier Access service is a dependable, fully supported connection with 24/7 monitoring provided by our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC). Plus, we back our service with our responsive and experienced National Accounts Team for all order management and customer care, so we’re here when you need us.
  • Cost-effective communications. Through national purchasing, competitive pricing, and discount structures, we give you all the quality and reliability you want in carrier service at a price that will help your bottom line. It’s a cost-effective way to give your business and your customers’ business the superior services required to compete in today’s marketplace.

Carrier Access

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