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Wireless LAN

Portable flexibility for your office productivity

Extend your Cox Internet service with a wireless gateway to your LAN and Internet connection. Wireless LAN gives employees mobility to their wireless devices like PDAs and laptops.

How your business can benefit...
  • Portable empowerment. Allow your employees to take their work tools, like their laptop, to locations away from their desk while maintaining their connection. Working with Wi-Fi enabled devices, employees can have access to their data applications in meetings, for more effective communications.

  • Extends service features. Wireless LAN service gives you the same features and robust functionality of our regular wired Internet service, so you can manage all your company’s most demanding data applications with ease and even greater flexibility.

  • Convenience. Wireless LAN enables your business to share a single Cox Internet connection between multiple computers without the expense of extra wiring or cabling.

  • Security. Be confident in your wireless connection with the added security of a stateful packet inspection firewall and WEP encryption.

  • Productivity through technology. When you access the Internet through our hybrid fiber coax (HFC) network, you’ll receive more robust two-way speeds for faster uploads and downloads, connections and, ultimately, more efficient and reliable communications for your business. Wireless LAN adds the benefit of Wi-Fi to your Cox Internet technology.

Wireless LAN

Add the benefit of Wi-Fi to your office network
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