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Cox Optical Internet

Premium Internet access with speeds up to 10Gbps

Fiber-optic reliability and scalable speeds are perfect  for companies providing Internet access for a large number of users and/or bandwidth-intensive applications. COI is designed for medium- to large-sized businesses, government and educational entities, and ISPs/ASPs/content providers/data centers, who require a high-capacity, symmetrical Internet connection in support of their access and content delivery requirements, Web- and IP-based applications and services, and cloud-intensive strategies.

How your business can benefit...
  • Scalable, High Capacity. Symmetrical bandwidth and scalable from 1 Mb to 10 Gb, As your business bandwidth requirements increase adding increased capacity is a phone call away.

  • Dependable Connectivity and Throughput. Each features fiber optix facilities to your service location.  Connecting to the Cox Business high-speed metropolitan area network, using next-generation Gigabit Ethernet equipment and technologies.

  • National Fiber-Optic Backbone. State-of-the-art, multi-service national fiber-optic backbone, supporting  Internet, Metro Ethernet, voice and video traffic via a fully self-healing MPLS-based network. Broadly distributed peering and transit connections across the U.S., via multiple peering centers, assures customer traffic is routed to/ from any Internet destination in a very efficient manner. with extensive peering (public and private) and transit connectivity. Cox Business maintains numerous peering partnerships augmented by multiple Tier 1 transit providers.

  • Peace of mind. Cox monitors our networks around the clock from our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center to proactively resolve problems before they impact your enterprise.

Optical Internet

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