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Cox Business Cloud Services

Have just-in-time access to secure, virtual computing to solve your dynamic business demands.

Cloud Services is today’s hot topic for good business reasons. Gain rapid, on-demand computing and empower your IT resources to respond quickly to the daily needs of your changing business. IT staff and employees have the systems and software they need to perform when you ask – without purchasing, setup and hardware configuration slowing their progress.

How your business can benefit...
  • Turn your capacity into a virtual reality. Storage, CPU processing and memory are in ever-increasing demand by current applications. Sometimes there’s not enough. Sometimes it’s aged beyond use. And if major projects are discontinued, your infrastructure might not be yielding any results today. Cloud Services supplies a virtual environment for your storage, servers and memory with an easy-to-employ portal. Cloud Services make your infrastructure scalable, predictable and age-proof.

  • Make Cloud Services deliver value for you. The ROI for per-user costs are often challenging to justify or calculate. Cloud Services converts the large capital expense of computing into a flexible operations expense that’s easy to budget and predict. Plus, your total costs can be reduced.

    • ▪ Pay less for hardware handling and housing
    • ▪ Gain improved business continuity with offsite computing
        and built-in redundancy
    • ▪ Deploy repetitive computing solutions faster with fewer issues 
  • Stay safe and secure in the Cloud. Cloud Services add new levels of protection for your data. You gain comprehensive, Tier 4 level data center safety that provides ambient security and temperature protection, power backup, data center redundancy for your own equipment in Omaha and fortification against natural disasters. With the addition of Cox Business Online Backup and Cox Business Security Suite services you have a package that likely exceeds the data integrity management solutions you have in place today.

  • Move at the speed of business. To keep employees fully productive, you need to deliver network services to your base. Setup, waiting and temporary workarounds cut into daily performance. Cloud Services are at the ready with dependable processing power as needed to keep your employees on task.

    Existing IT staff can support larger infrastructure due to the simplicity of virtual portal configuration and deployment in the Cloud. Your IT resources can focus on strategic, value-added computing opportunities rather than routine equipment maintenance.

  • Put the Cloud to work. You have your own virtual portal for your business that lets you easily manipulate networks, machines and applications in the Cloud. You install your own operating systems onto your leased servers and adjust the data resources of CPU, memory and storage as needed. A catalog area stores copies of your software, applications and other content that are installed and used in the Cloud.

    With servers, networks and applications as virtually managed resources, you can run daily operations, quickly staff up for big projects, create developer areas or even use as a secondary resource to your on-premise equipment as an always-available backup.

  • Experience Cloud satisfaction. You’ll see your IT administrators working at their desks instead of climbing under them or in a tangle of cables. Upon setup, your network users connect to servers and launch applications in the same manner they do today. Users can connect to the servers via an Internet connection, Private Metro Ethernet or VPN. The end user experience doesn’t change.

  • Support your data with confidence. Physical location and systems are hosted and housed by First National Technology Solutions (FNTS). FNTS is a highly accredited, financially stable service provider partnering with Cox Business and our 24/7 support team to deliver round-the-clock service and support. You have the familiarity and simplicity of a single-source supplier with Cox for setup, billing and troubleshooting. We're there for you when you need us.

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Find how to empower your business with Cloud Services.
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Which option suits you? Business level Enterprise level
Good for... Typical server needs Specialty OS and computing requirements
Server by the slice rental Included Included
Server farm resource pool - Included
Data location Omaha Omaha, Chicago optional
Operating system You own and install Provided & installed
Windows compatible Included Included
Linux Included Included
Mainframe (z/OS) - Included
Unix (AIX, Solaris x86) - Included
PCI compliance - Included
Hosted disaster recovery service - Included
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