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Committed to our Communities

At Cox, we believe in giving back. Philanthropy is a cornerstone for us, but what it really means is a critical focus on youth and education, diversity, and environmental issues.

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Learning is a way of life

Youth and Education

We care about education — for our employees, their kids, and our business — and we believe technology is an essential complement to the educational experience. At Cox, serving local needs and fostering improvements in education isn’t a charitable contribution, it’s a sound investment.

  Youth and Education  Cable in the Classroom

Stronger, better...different


Diversity is an important part of the culture, values and business operations at Cox Communications. To us, diversity means understanding the perspectives, needs and priorities of all people and working to include and represent them in our business.

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Leaving a smaller footprint

With over 83,000 employees, Cox and its subsidiaries can have a huge environmental impact. Cox is reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the board by utilizing efficient heating and cooling systems, green energy sources, hybrid fleet vehicles, and more.

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Community action through giving

Charitable Giving

We're passionate about helping our communities, and charitable giving allows us to render support to organizations that focus on serving the local needs.

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