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What is all the free stuff you get with Cox?


FREE Additional Outlets

Standard cable service is free on all your extra TV outlets in your home and includes cable favorites like TNT, Disney, CNN and ESPN.

FREE Access to Movies and TV Shows Online

Advanced TV customers can watch their favorite shows and movies online at from anywhere they have access to a broadband connection. TV Online includes popular broadcast TV shows; hit shows from cable networks like TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, and TruTV; thousands of movies, including hit Hollywood titles, independent films and kids’ favorites from networks like HBO, Cinemax and Epix; and news and entertainment clips


Cox Advanced TV customers can access approximately 15,000 titles per month On DEMAND, and most are free!

FREE Mobile Access to Program your DVR

Cox customers with a DVR can now schedule recording and manage their DVR settings on the go with Cox Mobile Connect. The TV Connect app is now available at no additional charge in the Apple App Store. Or, customers can log onto and follow the instructions to program their DVR from any Internet connection.

FREE My Primetime

Cox offers MyPrimetime for FREE in the On DEMAND library, giving Cox Advanced TV customers access to the hottest primetime television series, including ABC's PanAm, FOX's highly anticipated The X Factor and NBC's Parks and Recreation. MyPrimetime includes hundreds of popular shows from more than 20 networks, including programming from ABC, FOX, NBC, AMC, TBS, TNT, Disney, Comedy Central and more. Episodes are available On DEMAND the day after the program's broadcast premiere and most are available for up to 28 days. To access programming in MyPrimetime, Advanced TV customers simply use their remote to tune to the On DEMAND menu on channel 1 and select the "MyPrimetime" category.

FREE HD Programming HD channels are free – including local networks! With Cox there's no extra programming fee for HD!*


FREE burst of speed when sending/receiving files

Cox gives Preferred and above Internet customers a temporary extra burst of speed when there’s extra bandwidth available on the network. This will make your downloads and uploads sail! FREE Security & Parental Controls Cox provides free security software and parental controls to help you and your family use the Internet with peace of mind.**

FREE Media & File Storage Store your favorite pictures, videos and documents for free in a secure and protected place online and share them with whomever you choose. As a Preferred or Premier package Cox High Speed Internet customer, you’ll get more with Media Store and Share.


FREE TV Caller ID Customers who subscribe to Cox's digital cable and phone services with Caller ID receive TV Caller ID. When a call comes in, a banner appears at the bottom of your TV screen identifying the caller and number.
(Currently available in most Cox Locations)

FREE Enhanced 911 Enhanced 911 automatically reports not just your phone number but your address to first responders to get help more effectively. Manage your Phone from Anywhere with FREE Phone Tools A free service to customers who get both Cox Phone and Internet service, Phone Tools is a cool way to make the most of your calling features. This online service lets you interact with your phone service on the web. When you spend time at a computer away from home, you get great advantages, like listening to voicemails when you're away. If you have kids, you’ll love it.

Phone Tools gives you quick and easy online access to:

- Listen to and manage voice mail messages
- View, print and save incoming and outgoing call history (updated every 15 minutes)
- Manage your speed dial numbers - Control feature settings like call waiting and call forwarding
- Set email notification for new voice mail messages
- Change your greetings
Phone Tools is one of those features that when you use it, you'll wonder why everyone doesn't.

More FREE Phone Features:

900 and 976 blocking – If these calls shouldn't be made from your house, they won't be. Not by guests, not by anyone.

Caller ID blocking-all calls – Removes your Caller ID phone number and name from being presented, ever. Your calls will always appear anonymously to whoever you dial.

Per call Caller ID blocking – Turns off Caller ID from outbound calls that you make on a per call basis. Caller ID is a great feature and your privacy is too.

Long-distance charge block – If you don't want long-distance call charges, block them all with this feature. You cannot unblock this feature by dialing codes on your phone. You need to call a customer service representative and provide your account security information before this block will be removed.

*HDTV set and HD receiver rental required.

**Requires subscription to Cox High Speed Internet Service.
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