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Education Spotlight

Cox Connects Kids

In 2001, Cox Omaha established Cox Connects Kids to deliver on our community service commitment to make education, information and technology resources available to all children in Cox service areas. This pioneering philanthropic program awards qualifying families in underserved areas with donated computers and high-speed Internet access in their home to help achieve educational, economic and social gains to succeed in the global economy. 

Cox is committed to broader efforts to bridge the digital divide through inclusion - a vision of the future in which all people have access to the social and economic opportunities of the digital age. With technology impacting the workplace and our everyday lives at an ever-increasing rate, it is critical that the next generation be armed with the best tools possible. 

Cox in Omaha partners with several local non-profit organizations that offer education-related programs to youth to execute the program in the community and reach a greater number of underserved youth. As a telecommunications company, Cox has taken a leading role in providing high-capacity technology opportunities to underserved youth in our communities to help bridge the digital divide. 

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